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You have a phone number. You have business cards.
But do you have a web address?


More and more people are looking online for goods and services. A professional design creates confidence in customers and is the most important part of a business website. WebsiteTex provides customized design for your business.  As a small business ourselves, we understand the difficulties you face.  While a larger corporation has the funds and manpower to build an impressive online presence, a small business must concentrate on its particular field in order to stay competitive.

Let us take care of the technology for you. We have the training and expertise in the field of web design and we are priced affordably. That means you can have the benefit of a 24-hour online identity without the cost of hiring an in-house web designer. We will create a website that is custom-made for your business. In short, we will make the web accessible.

If you are interested in learning more about a site of your own, email or call (817) 573-0096.


"[A] growing number of homeowners are going digital, making the market irresistible...

"An estimated 85 million Americans now have broadband Internet access. Federal agencies are working on policies to meet a goal  to make high-speed Internet access available to all Americans... And the Federal Communications Commission is looking to establish wireless as a third broadband option in the United States...

"Many experts expect the use of broadband access to propel the adoption of the digital home..."


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