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Frequently Asked Questions:




Why do I need a website? 
A website provides a consistent source of information 24-by-7.  It can include information for your current clients, employees or members, for prospects and/or simply for interested visitors.  (You can control which of these groups has access to each piece of information.)  Examples are:

  • *                     Listing of your goods or services,

  • *                     Prices or sales conditions

  • *                     Roster of your members

  • *                     Sales pages (store front)

  • *                     Forms to contact you for more information

  • What does a website cost? 
    The sky's the limit for fancy websites like automobile companies or soft drink makers have.  On the other hand, well-designed, effective websites can be constructed and published for a few hundred dollars.  There are four components of cost:

    *                     Domain name - (or .org) - Not strictly required but necessary to establish your identity - $25/year for private registration, payable in advance.

    *                     Hosting - publishing your website to the internet - $10/month (less with a long-term contract,  more if fancy features are needed like streaming video or sophisticated catalog storefronts).  Payable in advance.

    *                     Design/development - our Premier Website Package is $1995.   Payable 1/3 down, 1/3 on acceptance of design, 1/3 on completion/publication.  . 

    *                     Maintenance - periodic updates to your site - charged at $60/hour

    Although we don't anticipate price changes, they can occur without notice.

    What's included in your basic website?
    We know that its hard to plan ahead for what you will need in a website, so we are very flexible in what we will do in your first website.  For our basic fee we include:

    • Overall design and design of individual pages
    • As many pages as needed to tell your story
    • Simple product sales (using PayPal)
    • Almost unlimited revision of original design (until you're happy)
    • Set-up of domain and hosting plan
    • Publishing of your site
      Preparation of Meta Tags.

    Of course, you will be billed separately for your domain name (about $25/year) and hosting services (about $10/month).  We charge extra for advanced store front, sound clips, video clips, Flash movies, passworded pages, complicated forms handling and some other esoteric stuff. 

    How long will it take to build a website? 
    We can build your basic website in as little as 2-4 weeks (you may need to provide text and/or photos and review our design from time to time).

    Can I maintain my own website after you build it? 
    Sure!  You'll need a computer, an internet connection, some software and a little training.  We can help with any of these things at our usual hourly rate.

    Can I build my own website? 
    Yes.  There's a lot of help available on the web.  You'll need everything you need to maintain your own site plus some artistic talent.  (I'll bet you've seen some sites that were constructed without the necessary "taste.")  If your serious about having an attractive and effective site, you may not want to try it yourself until you have some experience.  The same advice goes for "employing" your out-of-work brother-in-law.

    How do I get my website to appear on search engines? 
    There are several important ways to give your website good exposure on search engines:

    • Construct your website so that major search criteria are featured prominently.
    • Insert proper Meta Tags.
    • Submit your site to key search engines .
    • Judiciously utilize pay-per-click services.
    • "Build a Buzz" Reference your site on Facebook, Twitter, etc and get others to do it too.
    • Offer frequently changed/updated content to attract return visits.

    What are Meta Tags and why do I need them? 
    Meta Tags contain (mostly) hidden information that will be communicated to the search engines.  For example, the Meta Tag keywords contains a list of words that you think your potential customers might enter into a search engine.  Carefully constructed Meta Tags will improve the position of your website in searches by your target audience.

    Do you provide support services for my computer? 
    You bet!  We have lots of experience (and lots of success) supporting PC users.  We specialize in small business computers and networks.  We�ve been doing this long enough that we know how to focus on the problem you need to solve in the most economic and expeditious manner.

    Can I have an email address <anything>@<mydomainname>.com?  
    Sure, we will set it up for you.


    If you are interested in learning more about a site of your own, feel free to contact us with questions or for a free estimate at 1-817-573-0096 or email us at

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