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WebsiteTex is comprised of talented people who are experienced in fields ranging from editorial, IT, education and graphics. This small, local business began as a favor for friends and neighbors who, like many, felt intimidated by the web. Some were business owners who didn't know what steps to take to get their storefront online, while others wanted to announce a new baby or a wedding without using the impersonal, cookie-cutter site templates. WebsiteTex has grown to assist many individuals and small businesses throughout the US.

Nancy Curran, Principal Designer, brings a wide array of experience to website development.  Her background includes Interior Decorating and Landscape Design, craftwork including quilting and cross-stitch, photography and scrapbooking.  Her career has included several positions as Office Manager or Executive Assistant.  But when it comes to website design her principal attribute is:, "She has an eye for it."

Ron Curran, Programmer-Consultant, has worked in the computer field since the mid 50's (Really?  Yes, really!)  He has completed degrees or advanced study in Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Library Science and Operations Research.  Ron worked for a major oil company for 31 years and co-founded a computer network consulting firm where he was a Certified Network Engineer.

Nancy and Ron are married, have two grown children and four grandchildren.  They live and work in Frisco, Texas.


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